With over 20 years’ experience supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes in 20 countries globally, TetraMap’s robust methodology has a proven track record of delivering tangible business results.

We work collaboratively and inter-dependently with our Licensees, regional Master Facilitators, and a worldwide pool of experienced Certified Facilitators.


TetraMap was founded by Yoshimi and Jon Brett. Read their story here.

TetraMap licensees

Certification courses and TetraMap products are available from:

UK and Europe

TetraMap in the UK (Anne Clews Consulting)

Anne Clews, Licensee

Tel: +44 844 415 0903  In UK: 0844 415 0903

Latin America

TetraMap in Latin America (Odisea Consultores)

Alejandro Villarreal, Licensee

Tel: +52 81 1157 9612

Rest of the world

TetraMap International

Louise Duncan, General Manager

Tel: +64 210 244 5889

Master facilitators

Master TetraMap Facilitators are highly skilled and experienced trainers, presenters, coaches, and educators. Find one in your region here.