Putting nature into communication: How we use TetraMap to improve communication skills

23-6-18 by Verity Craft, General Manager & Storyteller, Intelligent Ink, NZ 

When all is said and done, good training is all about one thing – communication. Communication is key to success in any workplace – the way that employees communicate impacts on their team, the way a team communicates impacts on the organisation, and the way an organisation communicates impacts on the community around them.


Transformation 2018 – A Leadership encounter like no other

21-6-18 by Alex Villareal, Odisea Consultants Mexico and Latin America and Master TetraMap Facilitator 

Odisea Consultants, the TetraMap licensees for Mexico and Latin America held a one day conference attended by over 200 senior executives from 70 leading organisations throughout the region to explore cutting-edge leadership practices. 


Cultural Diversity Celebrated: How Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Evolved Education

21-5-18 by Ruhia King, Master TetraMap Facilitator from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

Transformation is the cornerstone of TetraMap. In this series, we share stories to reveal how effectively our Facilitators ignite individuals, teams and organisations.


Metaphors aren’t true

03-04-18 by Louise Duncan, Managing Director, TetraMap International

“Metaphors aren’t true.  But they’re useful. That’s why professionals use them to teach, to learn and to understand. A metaphor takes what we know and uses it as a lever to understand something else.”  Seth Godin, Writer, Marketer, Blogger


It’s not exactly rocket science…or is it?

15-3-18 by Louise Duncan, Managing Director, TetraMap International 

TetraMap is not exactly rocket science – but it does help make those hard to master soft skills a whole lot easier to learn and understand. After all, today’s catch-phrase is ‘simplify’ not ‘complexify’!


Humpty Dumpty – a poem about appreciating the Elements

6-3-18 by Nita Kerepeti-Ikin, a  Certified TetraMap Facilitator and Administrator for Te Paepae Arahi; a kaupapa Maori health organisation. 

Nita’s poem reaches to the heart of TetraMappers celebrating the warmth and spirit that demonstrates Fire and Water at its very best.  When Nita was asked about who inspired her I was also inspired to learn about Waireti Walters who was an outstanding and remarkable Maori health worker who was also a Certified Facilitator. 


Things I cannot unsee

01-02-18 By Louise Duncan, Managing Director, TetraMap Facilitator 

“What has been seen cannot be unseen, what has been learned cannot be unknown. You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. You can grow from it. You can be made stronger. You can use that strength to change your life, to change your future.”― C.A. Woolf


Not a psychometric, and here’s why…

18-01-17 by Dr Andrea Polzer-Debruyne, (PhD Organisational Psychology) Certified TetraMap Facilitator

Andrea’s blog provides a clear differentiation between psychometric assessment and TetraMap.  Facilitators are often asked the question what is TetraMap?  Our answer is TetraMap goes beyond psychometric assessment to deliver practical insights as part of a people, team and organisation transformation.  Andrea draws on her extensive experience and uses evidence-based research in the fields of Psychology and Human Resources as well as her analytical skills, sense of humour, and plain common sense.


The big 5 Personality Theory – and the rest explained

15-01-17 by Robyn Walshe, Master TetraMap Facilitator

Robyn Walshe, Master TetraMap Facilitator has a gem to share with everyone.  “As I uncover other tools and diagnostics I’m intrigued how people lean on the reports that result (all done by algorithms) and their complex concepts and language.

As facilitators, it’s important to embrace the diversity of approaches on offer, yet have a quiet confidence about TetraMap’s place in the world – and that’s helped by knowing and understanding what else is out there.  I found this article helpful – and I trust you will too!”


Taking TetraMap to Eden to create a better world

15-12-17 by Nicki Davey, Director of Saltbox Training & Events

Having a deep sense of purpose is essential for a meaningful life, and for me, this is about doing what I can to help create a more loving and sustainable world. I was therefore really excited to be able to deliver a TetraMap® Facilitator Certification Programme at the Eden Project in Cornwall last month (Nov 2017), along with Anne Clews from TetraMap UK whose support was instrumental in making the event a success. 



How TetraMap gave me a good dose of self-awareness

24-11-17 by Nuala Ryan, Sales and Marketing, Curium Solutions, UK

Communications and marketing specialist (and planning ninja) Nuala Ryan talks about TetraMap, self-awareness and how to communicate more effectively. “TetraMap gives you a huge dose of self-awareness, but also insight into what those with different preferences intend by their actions.”

Like most of my colleagues, I have completed a TetraMap facilitation certification course thanks to a two-day workshop run by my colleague, Stuart Bailey.


The TetraMap Alternative Christmas ‘Do’

20-10-17 by Sarah Dwyer, Marketing and Events, TetraMap International

I’ve been working for TetraMap for 3 years now and have never had a ‘normal’ Christmas ‘do’. It’s always involved plenty of fun and games but never your traditional Christmas office party. For that, I am actually quite grateful. For these parties can be a little stressful; organising whose Christmas party to attend, yours or your partners, they normally always clash! Then there’s the childcare arrangements, taxis bookings, drinking too much and so on, I think you get the picture.


Cementing the team at Raw Essentials

25-09-17 by  Louise Compton, Goodsense Marketing, NZ

GoodSense, a Marketing organisation that creates improved economic, social and environmental wellbeing in NZ through marketing leadership has a number of Certified TetraMap Facilitators onboard their team and use TetraMap® learning programme to assist their clients.  Raw Essentials a rapidly growing raw pet food brand worked with GoodSense to improve their understanding of each other and improve their internal communication. The programme delivered by GoodSense is delivering lasting results.


TetraMap and cultural synergy

24-08-17 by Leyla Okhai, DIverse Minds UK Ltd

Culture is fluid, changing and adapting all the time. I invite you to consider how to make the most of your culture and elemental preferences to understand the culture of those around you. Not just for productivity, but to enhance exchanges and deepen relationships.


TetraMapping divisional conflict

15-08-17 by J’Lein Liese Ph.D. USA

by guest blogger J’Lein Liese, Ph.D. an international expert in leadership, strategy execution, organizational transformation, change management, and conflict resolution, and works extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Conflict is prevalent in every organization, but there are special issues unique to geographically dispersed organizations.


A taste of TetraMap

5-05-17 by Kate Drew, Curium Solutions, UK

Senior Consultant from Curium Solutions, UK Kate Drew, writes about using nature as a metaphor to understand personality preferences and how to use these insights to challenge your thinking.


Leadership in chaos – next practice

02-02-17 by Jon Brett, Co-Founder of TetraMap International

How do you lead when we don’t agree on what we want, but we do agree it is NOT what we’ve got? TetraMap helps us understand how to lead amongst chaos, where there is no commonly desired end result other than “not this”. It is a matter of understanding the levels of complexity.


Is your team in the Learning Zone?

02-02-17 by Louise Duncan, GM TetraMap International

How often is the cause of the problem identified? Are workplace mistakes spoken about, or silently ignored?  Could future disasters be prevented? No-one wants to look ignorant, incompetent, or negative. Is there enough trust and respect in the team for people to openly say “I goofed, I screwed up, I’m concerned about…”? When things go wrong, is there a focus on learning from mistakes?


Integrating TetraMap into your business

02-02-17 by James Farrow, Master TetraMap Facilitator

An interview with James Farrow, a Master TetraMap Facilitator at Curium Solutions, a rapidly growing Change consultancy based in Innovation Court in Birmingham, UK. We set out to understand more about their ethos, how they integrate TetraMap and learning by osmosis in one of their innovation pods.


Leadership development – from the peak perspective

9-23-2016 by Alex Villareal, TetraMap Mexico,

Having climbed 5 of the 7 highest summits including Everest, Alex Villarreal is a sought-after speaker who connects people to their leadership potential and facilitates TetraMap as a leadership competency. Alex draws on the parallels between climbing Everest and leadership lessons.


Make what you’ve just learned work for you!

9-19-2016 by Louise Duncan, GM, TetraMap and Robyn Walshe, Master TetraMap Facilitator

We suggest using the TetraPath of Learning to make a big difference to the way you start putting your newly found skills into practice.


Why our teachers love TetraMap

9-12-2016 by guest blogger Priscilla Looi from AKLTG

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group trains 70,000 young people across Asia by delivering 75 learning programmes to develop and foster lifelong learning skills. This blog uncovers how Pricilla and her team use TetraMap to empower teachers to reach optimum communication pathways with parents to ensure students are getting the best learning outcome.


Embrace your “Fire” and be more “Start-up”

26-04-2016 by Anne Clews, TetraMap, UK

Anne Clews, TetraMap, UK interviews Abby Barton, Head of Business Development and Leadership Coach at Wayra. As the Leadership Coach at Wayra Abby’s role is it to help founders of Start-Ups to discover and build on their strengths, whether it be Fire, Earth, Water (or the occasional Air!), and develop themselves as authentic CEO leaders of their companies.


Conflict: fight, flee, or flow?

07-04-2016 by Robyn Walshe, Certified Master TetraMap Facilitator, Jan Alley, Certified Master TetraMap Facilitator, and Rigel Walshe, Certified TetraMap Facilitator, NZ

Embracing diversity unleashes potential – your own and others. Readers of this white paper will gain a deeper understanding of how difference and uniqueness contribute to conflict and to its resolution. By knowing yourself and others better you can quickly drive conversations into actions while developing and enhancing relationships that are sustainable, enduring, and productive.


Talent conversations

26-02-2016 by Ed Fothergill, Certified TetraMap Facilitator at 02, UK

In this blog Ed shares why performance is not the same as potential, and the importance of having open and honest conversations about talent. 

White paper: Emotional Intelligence

9-12-2015 by Certified TetraMap Facilitator Robin Hills

Put simply, emotional intelligence is how we combine our thinking with our feelings in order to build quality relationships and make better decisions.

This white paper discusses why emotional intelligence is increasingly relevant to organisational development and the link between psychometric testing, personality profiling, and emotional intelligence.


Why thought diversity matters

07-09-2015 by Letticia Mincham, Certified TetraMap Facilitator 

What does diversity mean to you? So why does it matter? We create multi-disciplinary teams to safeguard a business decision or ensure a successful project, using our understanding of diversity. We pride ourselves on including different points of view when we facilitate a discussion; however what is often overlooked when considering diversity is that this point of view comes from our individual diversity or working style. We bring different perspectives not just through our roles, skills, experience, or physiological criteria but also in personal preference and priorities: the way we look at the world – our ‘thought diversity’.


The left-brain right-brain myth

13-08-15 by Robyn Walshe, Master TetraMap Facilitator 

TetraMap provides a framework to decode behaviour. With most behavioural instruments, brain theory reinforces our approach, but recent findings from the field of neuroscience challenge the labels we’ve relied on – left brain / right brain. There are some giant chasms between the reality of the research and the language we’ve been using to describe and explain behaviour in terms of brain activity – and it’s doing us a disservice.


Emotionally intelligent leadership

24-03-15  A Q&A with Marcy Levy Shankman, Certified TetraMap Facilitator

The second edition of the ground-breaking book Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, co-authored by a Certified TetraMap Facilitator, was released in January. Read our exclusive interview with Marcy Levy Shankman as she talks about the second edition and the different schools of thought that have emerged on Emotional Intelligence in the past year.


6 ways to generate deeper learning

03-03-15 by Nicki Davey, Master TetraMap Facilitator

How do you create an environment that’s vivid, enriching and makes learning stick? Master TetraMap Facilitator, Nicki Davey, breaks down ‘brain-friendly learning’ and offers six ways to start generating deeper learning in the workshop room. 


Confused about choosing a personality profiling tool?

15-12-14 by Registered psychologist Liz Payne

“As a Training and Development professional, you may be considering incorporating a personality profiling tool into a training program to strengthen participants’ learning. While the prospect may at first seem exciting, it’s not unusual to end up feeling a little overwhelmed given the abundance of tools on the market.”